Perfecting Your Client Attraction Message

Have you ever had a moment when you were asked what you do for a living, and you stumble over your answer or aren’t sure how to respond? It’s extremely common for people in self-driven industries to struggle to answer these questions, and it makes it all the more important to create an “elevator pitch” about your business. As you seek out new clients, it’s essential to perfect your client attraction message and be able to quickly identify who you help and what your skillset is.

What Is a Client Attraction Message?

A client attraction message is a short pitch about what your business delivers. Ideally, it is a super short phrase, less than seven words, that you can consistently deliver when asked about your job. Essentially, it’s your slogan, directly answering the questions: what do you do, and for whom?

Examples of Effective Client Attraction Messages

Here are a few simple examples to get you started, along with some notes about why they’re effective:

  • Wealth Management for Executives in Transition
    • Wealth management is an extremely general term, but it is an extremely attractive client attraction message. Tapering it down by focusing on a specific industry or ideal client helps specify your work and make it sound less generic.
  • Investment Management for Lottery Winners
    • If you have a specific niche, it’s even more important to spread the word about your work far and wide. Though this is an extremely precise target market, it fills a direct need of potential clients.
  • Retirement Planning for Google Employees
    • If you aren’t sure about how to focus your messaging, focusing on a specific field or industry can help make it clear who you’re targeting.

Rehearse Your Delivery

While you can use this message in your marketing, it is even more important to have it prepared for networking and day-to-day conversations. Practice your delivery of this slogan so you can sound polished and confident as you meet potential clients or acquaintances. It can also help to have a quick story showcasing one of your best wins so you can make it clear what skills you bring to the table.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you couldn’t clearly communicate your role, you need a rehearsed client attraction message. This will help you network and get your name out there while being quick and polished. Once you’ve mastered your client attraction message, you’ll be able to casually mention your line of work without taking too much time or stumbling over your words.

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