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FAST Track Your Business Growth: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Ideal Clients

Direct Pay Webinar on June 20, 2023, 12:00 PM PDT

Susan will cover:

  • How to define your brand and your ideal client
  • How to develop a brand message that resonates
  • Specific steps to build influence that will last throughout your career
  • Sales skills to turn suspects into prospects and clients.

Audience Raves

“Susan is a dynamic, polished and dialed in speaker, specializing in lifting up and inspiring planners in our profession. Whether a keynote speaker or leading a panel of industry pros, she is adept at gearing her presentation to the audience. Drawing on her many years of coaching and leadership, she brings great value by addressing real life situations and solutions. In these hectic and uncertain times, she cuts through the noise and is able to provide solid, actionable ideas. She creates space and time for Q&A at the end of her presentations, allowing her audience to further heighten their take-aways. Having served as a panelist with her, I have seen first-hand the value she brings, and as an audience member I have benefited greatly from her experience.

Lynn Ballou, CFP Emeritus CFP™

“I was fortunate to attend one of Susan’s presentations. That experience led to an ongoing coaching relationship that has really made a difference in both my personal and professional life. Susan is able to deliver practical career and business development advice because she focuses on the whole person. She isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and challenge her clients to dig deep about what might be holding them back. The combination of skills that she brings to the coaching relationship is powerful and gets results.

Karen R. Blodgett, CFP®, MBA Director of Wealth Management, Partner at Aspiriant; Chair, Board of Directors at Aspiriant

Past Webinar Recordings​

The Pleasure & Pain of Finding the Right Client – In this interactive webinar, Greg Woodbury, FMG Suite VP of Business Development, will discuss this topic with Susan Danzig, acclaimed business development coach for financial services professionals.

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