“Several of our Wealth Advisors have gone through Susan Danzig’s Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) program. Our Wealth Advisors have big goals and the FAST program has been invaluable in helping them to stay organized, on track, and focused on the right marketing strategies. We have grown significantly during this year we’ve been working with Susan.

The FAST program is comprehensive and helps advisors create the foundation they need to attract ideal clients quickly. After years of watching advisors try a variety of approaches, Susan knows how to help them stay the course with the training, tracking, accountability, and coaching. If you’re looking for a business development and marketing system that trains advisors on critical marketing and sales skills to reach their AUM goals, then I highly recommend the FAST program.”

Arthur Ambarik
CEO, Perigon

We brought in Susan to provide a comprehensive marketing, sales, and business development training for both our experienced and up-and-coming advisors. Susan’s Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) program helped our seasoned advisors quickly refine their brand and their marketing tools to more effectively follow up with their professional networks and clients to get them to a yes (or no) and to identify those to put on a marketing drip campaign.

Our newest advisors have gained confidence and now understand how to market themselves. Susan’s 90-day marketing plan has been a valuable asset in giving them the structure they need to follow, track, and grow their business. The weekly focus on business development has increased our advisors’ marketing activities and inflow of new clients.

I also participated in the program to support my team and have benefited from doing so. The reminder that you can never follow-up too much has led me to win new clients more consistently.

Stephanie Richman, CFP®
Regional Director, Partner EP Wealth Advisors

“Susan’s FAST program was simple to follow, even for a full-time working mom like myself. The program was broken into modules that I could fit into my busy schedule.

Susan was there to support me every step of the way with weekly calls. When I reached out needing additional support, she made herself available and was a tremendous resource.

Since taking Susan’s program I can now clearly and confidently articulate my specialty and focus, feel confident asking for referrals, and have outlined my marketing plan for the following year.”

Laura Knolle, CFP®
Vice President, EP Wealth Advisors

“Susan’s Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) program gave me the missing key to energize and focus my business growth activity. I now know exactly where to begin every single day with the three marketing channels I identified during the training.

I am now 100% more clear on how to communicate and stand out as the advisor of choice for small businesses.

I also now have a well-defined marketing plan and know what to do specifically on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will get me to my annual goal. As a result of Susan’s method, coaching, and templates I’m organized and able to execute my marketing plan.

The FAST program offers a great framework for any advisor ready to take their business to the next level.

Thomas J. Manetta, MSFA
Wealth Advisor at Perigon Wealth Management

“Susan Danzig’s FAST program helped me define my ideal client and take tangible action toward building a marketing strategy to attract that client. Over the course of her program, I attracted 5 ideal clients and achieved my professional promotion goals within my company. Susan’s program helped me develop clear and concise marketing messages to use with clients, prospects, and centers of influence. The coaching was very helpful and I recommend it to those looking to refine their brand and take their marketing efforts to the next level.”

Lucas D. Karasch, CFP®
Vice President, EP Wealth Advisors

“I have just completed Susan Danzig’s Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) program and I want to say how pleased I am to have gone through it.

This marketing program is well planned out and can help any advisor who is spinning their wheels trying to figure out how to grow their business. I valued the time to create goals to help me stay on track and then strategically choose the avenues of marketing that are best suited for our niche and ideal clients. Furthermore, I am now clear on where to focus to find my ideal clients. Susan provides workbooks for each section, and additional tools that keep me organized. The group sessions provide an opportunity to share ideas with peers, and the individual sessions with Susan allowed me to hone my process.

I have been through many different marketing training sessions over the years and Susan’s was one of the best ones that I have attended because of the breadth, organization, and support that is provided. I would highly recommend this program to any financial advisor that wants to take their marketing to the next level to grow their business.

Mary Ballin, CFP®, CDFA®
Wealth Advisor, Perigon Wealth Management

“When I first started the Financial Advisor Success Training Program, I was excited to enhance my business development strategy as I needed clarity around my brand and messaging. The Program helped me focus on determining my ideal client and my compelling offers to them. Since participating in the FAST Program with Susan, I have not only increased my prospect conversion rate by 20%, but I am also on track to double my revenue compared to last year.

Stephanie Dannebaum, MBA, MPP, ChFC®
Founder | Principal CRM Consultant

“When I started the FAST Program, I did not have a clear message or marketing strategy. By taking the Program, new doors have opened for me both by marketing online and in my community. Since participating in the FAST Program with Susan, I have focused on my social media strategy. I am now targeting my ideal clients, networking to meet them, and finding and collaborating with new strategic alliances. This extensive business development experience upleveled my game. Susan supported me by reviewing and clarifying my strategy with step by step guidance. I felt respected when I asked questions during the Program Office Hours and Clarity Calls. The platform and accessibility of materials of the Program was very helpful. I am continuing to grow my business and feel more confident than ever in my marketing.

Eva Barberi, CFP®, CDFA, RLP

“When I took the FAST Program, I had a successful business already, but was stuck at my 2018 production level. Since participating in the FAST Program, my production has increased by 14%. I’m on track to have my best year ever. What’s been really valuable is Susan’s unfailing positive outlook and high level of personal support.”

Marc LaRhette, AIFA®, CEBS ,CFP®, CPFA
Partner, StarkMiller FBG

What People Are Saying About

“When I first met Susan, I was successful yet I found myself in a rut. Before working together, I grossed $542,000. The next year, I grossed $657,000 – a 21% increase. The next three years, I had increases of 7.5%, 9.5% and even with the volatility of the market, I had an increase of 6%. This year, I am still having my best year ever. After 4+ years working together, I still find that Susan brings innovative and productive ideas to the table on a business and personal level.”

Mark Vaimberg, CFP®

Susan Danzig has a powerful skillset that couldn’t be more valuable than It Is in the midst of the COVlD-19 health crisis and related stock market turbulence. By empowering me to be more effective through a powerful mindset reset, she has re-energized both my focus on client service and my effectiveness in business development. One of the keys to my success has been her consistent business development coaching support and her techniques to keep me in the zone and In a growth mindset.”

Alise Krause, CFP®
National Managing Director – Head of Organic Growth, Mariner Wealth Advisors

I Just spent 6 hours with Susan. At the end of our time together 1 was amazed at how much we had accomplished. I was able to:

Articulate the seven words that identify my target market,
● Explain to my clients the process we will go through as we work together.
Clearly state the myriad results my clients achieve through their work with me.

I have been in this business for better than 30 years and this is the first time I am absolutely clear on who I am. who I work with, and what I do. My time with Susan has been so well spent.”

Cynthia L. Leitman, CFP®

I was fortunate to attend one of Susan’s presentations. That experience led to an ongoing coaching relationship that has really made a difference in both my personal and professional life. Susan is able to deliver practical career and business development advice because she focuses on the whole person. She isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and challenge her clients to dig deep about what might be holding them back. The combination of skills that she brings to the coaching relationship is powerful and gets results.

Karen R. Blodgett, CFP®, MBA
Director of Wealth Management, Partner at Aspiriant; Chair, Board of Directors at Aspiriant

Our firm was growing, evaluating the next steps for future growth and was unclear on a comprehensive plan for moving forward. Susan met with our firm over two days and helped us identify the “right questions” for moving forward, options to consider and how best to execute a plan.

This was a successful venture which helped our firm identify a clear set of goals, see a path for moving forward and prioritize the strategic steps to improve and increase the number of our client relationships. We came away clear on our “ideal client”, created a previously non-existent branding strategy and a plan for growing our business together as a firm.”

Joy Puyear, CPA, PFS
Financial Horizons, LLC

“We have been working with Susan Danzig for two years. Her sales and motivational coaching has kept us on track. Susan helped us break down our business plan into manageable pieces. The end result – our best performance ever with sales increasing by 30%. We love working with Susan because she always challenges us to accomplish even greater goals than we would have attempted on our own. She knows when to push, when to back off, when to assert and when to sit back and let us lead. We highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in effectively marketing both themselves and their business.

Debbie Seeley
Seeley & Associates, LLC

“My experience with Susan is one that encompasses not only my business but LIFE as it affects my business. When we began working together, my business had limited direction. Susan guided me through difficult economic times like a beacon in the fog. As a result, while my competitors are struggling, I am moving forward with a stronger, more effective business strategy which is resulting in me being a recognized major producer by my broker/dealer.

Carl Kaliszewski
Navigator Financial Services

I had worked with a business coach before I met Susan. Because of that, I am able to see the difference that Susan brought to my business. My partnership had just ended with another adviser and I needed to rebrand myself and was searching for a coach to help guide me through that process. I worked with Susan to re-brand my business and continue growth in a new way. By coming up with brand phrasing, Susan helped me clarify who I wanted to work with and maintain a focus for the practice. She assisted with renaming my business and reminded me about things I had learned years before but had gotten lazy about. Susan is great at what she does and has a great sense of humor. Her work helped me create focus and she was able to pull things from me that I wasn’t able to verbalize before. I would highly recommend her to others in the business.

Ora Citron
Financial Consultant for Women Experiencing Life’s Transitions

I first met Susan at a Peter Montoya marketing seminar in 2009. We started on our personal coaching arrangement that year and she has been instrumental in helping my success as a financial advisor, achieving Eagle top producer status at my broker dealer every year since then.
Susan has an extraordinarily good sense of the challenges I have as an advisor with prospect and client communications. More than once I was ready to give up on a prospect, and Susan encouraged me to try one more time with a slightly different approach, often gaining a new client in the process. With clients sometimes I have tricky situations, and we will do a practice run of the client communication. This has helped retain clients through these situations.
Finally, Susan has helped me fine tune my website & marketing materials to be more effective and client friendly.

Marc LaRhette, AIFA®, CEBS ,CFP®, CPFA
Partner, StarkMiller FBG

I started working with Susan because I liked her energy, enthusiasm and her connection in the industry. My goal was to create a DBA and strategy specific to my industry. Susan was able to help me develop business ideas around that as well as create a relevant logo. I now have branding and a business entity in place because of Susan. Her coaching created both accountability and measurable outcomes towards what we were looking accomplish. I would highly recommend her to others within my industry.

Paula Croskey
Cetera Advisor Networks LLC

I’ve worked with Susan as my business development coach since 2018 and in that time she has been AMAZING to partner with! I have benefited greatly from working with Susan in that she is excellent at brainstorming new ideas and strategies to help me create a successful business development plan for myself. She challenges me to enhance my skills and set realistic goals that are achievable, which in turn has built my confidence tremendously and has allowed me to attain my desired results.

Barb Lindhorst, CFP®
Mosher Financial Advisors

“Working with Susan Danzig was an absolute treat. She brought out in our organization a clarity, focus and energy that was hiding until she started working with us. Her regular calls challenged us to both think and do our business differently while building on our strengths. She also kept us on track. The results were immediate. In a year when most firms in our industry had less revenue than the year before, ours grew by 24%.

Nan M. Zimdars, CFP®, CLU
Nan M. Zimdars, Inc.

“Susan is a dynamic, polished and dialed in speaker, specializing in lifting up and inspiring planners in our profession. Whether a keynote speaker or leading a panel of industry pros, she is adept at gearing her presentation to the audience. Drawing on her many years of coaching and leadership, she brings great value by addressing real life situations and solutions. In these hectic and uncertain times, she cuts through the noise and is able to provide solid, actionable ideas. She creates space and time for Q&A at the end of her presentations, allowing her audience to further heighten their take-aways. Having served as a panelist with her, I have seen first-hand the value she brings, and as an audience member I have benefited greatly from her experience.

Lynn Ballou, CFP Emeritus CFP™

“Working with Susan has been spectacular and has directly led to improving my professional, financial and overall quality of life. This year, my income matched last year’s, even though I worked three days a week instead of five.

Laura Merritt
Employee Benefits With Merritt

Before working with Susan I did not have a clear branding message or consistent messaging about my particular target market and how I could help them.  She helped me better define my target market, my expertise, who my ideal clients are, and to better communicate my value through different marketing channels.  As a result of working with her I feel more confident I am communicating a more targeted message to my ideal prospective clients.

Eric S.
(National Financial Services Firm)

“Thank you for your guidance throughout this entire process; the message is being valued by prospects and clients, and delivering incremental revenue to the firm. A solid return-on-investment. Thank you!”

John B

“Susan’s insight, perspective and guidance were extremely valuable in helping me approach business in a more thoughtful and deliberate way. Her support in helping us create ideal client profiles, client tiers, and articulating our signature service produced tangible results by helping us increase revenue by over $100k last year.

Matthew Wright
Financial Advisor

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