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If your organization is ready for growth and your team needs an infusion of new energy, marketing strategies, and sales skills, let’s talk.
Build your advisors’ capabilities to attract ideal clients and scale your business.

The landscape of client acquisition has forever changed. Those who will thrive in this ever-evolving landscape are the firms who are willing to learn how to market and sell in this new world.

All of our programs, whether it’s the Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) 12-week program or private consulting, are designed specifically for Financial Advisors to use as a catalyst for growth and expansion.

Through targeted business development and strategic planning, we provide Financial Advisors with the clarity, motivation, and step-by-step plan needed to grow your business. By tapping into one’s strengths, focusing on essential branding and marketing strategies, and leveraging time, Financial Advisors experience an increase in profits and overall client satisfaction.

“Several of our Wealth Advisors have gone through Susan Danzig’s Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST) program. Our Wealth Advisors have big goals and the FAST program has been invaluable in helping them to stay organized, on track, and focused on the right marketing strategies. We have grown significantly during this year we’ve been working with Susan. The FAST program is comprehensive and helps advisors create the foundation they need to attract ideal clients quickly. After years of watching advisors try a variety of approaches, Susan knows how to help them stay the course with the training, tracking, accountability, and coaching. If you’re looking for a business development and marketing system that trains advisors on critical marketing and sales skills to reach their AUM goals, then I highly recommend the FAST program.”
Arthur Ambarik
CEO, Perigon

Customized Training & Coaching Packages for Financial Advisory Firms

Let us design the training that’s right for your firm.
We will take an in-depth look at your overall vision and determine the best program to support your organization. Throughout this process, we will map out your new branding and marketing strategy. We develop training that leverages your existing efforts with new strategies to create sustainable results.
Training programs can include:
  • Brand optimization
  • Marketing strategy and 90-day marketing plan
  • Referral strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales and follow-up skills
  • And more
Our business development training programs are always designed to align with your company’s culture. Training packages include a customized set of templates, worksheets, and scripts.
Your team will have a detailed strategy for success mapped out and be trained on the skills and best practices needed to implement them.
To speak with Susan to customize the best training solution.

FAST Track Your Team

With the Financial Advisor Success Training (FAST), your team will receive a comprehensive system for branding, marketing, streamlining, and growing AUM.
To get more details on our FAST program for organizations, contact us today.

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FAST Track Your Business

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