How to Optimize Your Area of Specialization (And Why This Matters!)

Once you’ve determined the makeup of your ideal client and began planning how to market to them, your next step is to decide what services you need to offer to be attractive. People in different industries, life stages, and regions will have different expectations and needs, so you need to consider exactly what offerings will make you the most attractive to your future potential clients.

What Is an Area of Specialization?
Though the specifics will vary depending on the industry, an area of specialization is essential for almost all service providers, from plumbers to physicians to veterinarians. Having a specialty on top of more generalized work helps you to become a leader in that narrow field, while still gaining more general work as people search for your expertise.  For example, many financial advisors offer comprehensive financial planning services while focusing on their favorite specific vertical, such as wealth management, 401k rollovers, retirement planning, or investments. They may offer every service under the sun, but much of their marketing will be focused on their area of specialization.

Ask Yourself: What Do You Love to Do?
Before you even get into the client-centric breakdown of your business plan, it can be helpful to consider what you love most. After all, people will be able to immediately sense your passion as you talk about something that’s important to you, and having a primary vertical that you enjoy will make it much easier to go to work in the morning. Consider the ideal breakdown of your workday and come up with a plan that can help you bring this ratio into reality!

What Is Your Experience?
Another thing that will help sell your expertise to your ideal client is highlighting your personal and professional expertise. Have you always been passionate about this line of work? Did your parents raise you a certain way that led you to pursue this career path? Or did you have an “ah-ha” moment while driving to class one day that started you off on your journey? Speaking to this expertise personalizes you, establishes trust, and helps your ideal client decide to make that initial connection.

Stand Out from the Crowd!
Let’s face it, the business world is crowded. Looking up financial advisors in my immediate area turned up hundreds of results, each with similar generic statements about how they help their clients. To stand out from the crowd, evaluate whether there are other less popular—but still essential—services that you can provide, especially if you’re keen to work with a specialized industry or client. Ultimately, even if you’re offering a service that everyone around you offers also, the easiest way to get business will be to put a unique spin on it. Why do you offer this service? Why is it important to you?

Once you’ve built out your ideal client profile, your next step will be determining your area of specialization and optimizing your marketing strategy with this vertical in mind. By taking the time to consider the best fits for your expertise, your ideal client, and how you can stand out from the crowd, you’ll be able to clearly define your area of specialization in a way that draws in potential clients.

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