Developing Your Uniquely Branded System

Once you’ve defined your ideal client, area of specialization, and slogan, it’s time to think about how to really sell your services to the people you meet. This is ultimately the “how” of your business—the expertise and day-to-day work that allows you to deliver results for your clients. It’s essential to create a list of examples to help guide conversations with potential clients, and this blog will help you determine what you need to create that confident message.

Think About Your Value Adds

Ultimately, what you’re coming up with at this stage is a value add. You want to make it clear exactly what you deliver, using both hypotheticals and concrete examples. Thinking back on specific clients, there may be one instance that truly stands out. You can begin your pitch by giving a generic presentation of how you helped this client—though obviously, keeping confidentiality in mind, you want to avoid specifically naming this person.

From there, you can explore the hypothetical needs of your future clients, and examples of how you meet these needs. I recommend dividing these needs into two distinct categories: Emotional and Technical. A combination of both of these sides of the equation will help give a well-rounded impression of the work you do.

Emotional Value Adds

The first value add you want to address is the emotional component. How do you simplify your clients’ lives? Do your services and your client experience leave them with peace of mind or a hard roadmap to follow that helps enable them to live their lives? Though this should be a briefer exploration than your technical value adds, it provides a hook and encourages future clients to think about how simple life would be once they have your support.

Technical Value Adds

Once you’ve wet your prospect’s appetite with hypothetical examples and an emotional appeal, you can hit them with the technical areas of specialization that enable you to support your clients. For financial advisors, this might include financial planning, investments, retirement options as well as a number of tax preparation services, to enable your clients to seek a secure future. Though these will vary from firm to firm, all of the items support the emotional value add that you laid out in step one.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

In order to fully drive your value adds home, ask your prospect for their contact information. You’ll then be able to send supporting documents that drive home both the emotional and technical value adds. Often the technical value adds will be listed specifically, while the emotional will be conveyed with imagery, color choice, and your slogan. You should also speak to both of these points on your website and social media marketing, enabling you to persuade prospects across multiple lines of communication.

By rehearsing your value adds ahead of time—both emotional and technical—you’ll be prepared to meet prospects wherever they appear. This last step of your branding should be supported by marketing materials and information on your website to drive home the points you make in conversation.

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