How to Design Your Website to Market to Millennials

Millennials are sometimes overlooked by financial advisors, but they will soon be the largest demographic in the global workforce. It is essential to keep their preferences in mind when designing your website, so here are some tips to make them feel welcome.

State Things Simply, Because They’re Savvy!

Millennials are the first generation to grow up with a constant bombardment of advertisements, particularly on the web. As a result, they can be cynical and wary of “clickbait” sounding content. Especially when dealing with information like fees and expectations, you need to be upfront and to the point. Honesty is refreshing in a world of blatant consumerism, so try to be transparent in all of your content.

Offer a Future of Experiences

Surprisingly, millennials are more interested in experiences than things. While the older generations may have had a vision of success that included new cars, yachts, and vacation homes, millennials tend to skew towards authentic experiences, especially those in nature. Imagery of hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures will feel more relatable than focusing on the typical hallmarks of success.

Keep it New (and Blue)

If you’re catering to millennials, you will face the additional challenge of keeping your website in line with existing trends. Most of the sites millennials frequent change their layout a few times a year. While you don’t have to be this extreme, it may be helpful to keep an eye on major sites like Facebook, Uber, and Amazon to see what web design trends are making the rounds. If these changes are easy to implement, you may want to hire a web designer to give your site a facelift.

As far as colors go, millennials prefer soft and “cool” colors. If you haven’t designed your site yet, you may want to go with a blue color pallet. This color has a calming effect, hence being used as the primary color throughout Silicon Valley and in startups around the world.

Be Inclusive

When millennials are searching for a financial advisor, they want to feel included and represented. Be sure that you are highlighting people of all races and backgrounds in your imagery so you don’t leave anyone out. It may even help to represent different family structures, too, or mention your connection to any diverse communities or organizations.


Designing your website to correspond to your target market is an easy way to make clients feel welcome, and it is essential when working with clients who are incredibly web-savvy! These tips will help your company prepare for the influx of millennial savers as they start to make strides in their financial life.

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