How to Design Websites for Retirees

When designing your website, it is essential to keep your target market in mind. People judge your business based upon its design, their user experience, and the emotional impact of the imagery and messaging. When targeting an older clientele, these tips will ensure that they have the best possible experience on your website, encouraging them to place their trust in you.

Keep it Simple

As you explore the web, you’ll often see flashy animations or graphics on sites that cater to younger users. However, if your target market is pre-retirees or retirees, you’ll want to keep these to a minimum. If you decide to display scrolling images or text, leave plenty of time between changes. Keeping your design simple and steady will ensure an enjoyable experience for those who grew up before all these fancy images and videos.

Show Them Where to Click

One of the most frustrating elements of modern web design is trying to figure out where to go from each page. This can be easily solved by including direct language like “Click here for more information.” In addition, have your web designer include a color change when a user hovers over a link. This makes it clear that the link is clickable and easily guides the user through your site.

What’s on The Menu?

One of the best aspects of modern web design is a “sticky navigation bar.” This allows the bar to move down the screen with you as you scroll through a site. This is a huge benefit for older users as it allows them to return to the homepage (or move on to a different page) no matter where they are. In addition, you should organize your menu in a logical way so users can always find what they’re looking for.

Easy-to-Read and Straight to Their Need

When designing your site, be sure to work with large font sizes to limit strain on the eyes. Using different size headers to summarize each section is also essential, as it allows users to easily skip through your content to find the information they need.

Incorporate Images!

When people imagine their retirement, they may see themselves walking on a beach, lounging with a book, or playing with their grandkids. Including these engaging and hopeful pictures throughout your site gives the user something to dream about and encourages them to start planning for the future. When selecting images, be sure to include both active and relaxing pictures, and find models who actually look like your ideal client. This will help them feel more at home on your website!

Colors Are Key

Though most people select their website colors to match their logo, you also want to consider the psychological impact of your colors. Older people prefer warm color pallets that make them feel secure and optimistic. Use a gradient of your selected color to provide variation and keep your site aesthetically-pleasing!

When clients are searching for a financial advisor, they want to feel included and supported every step of the way. Designing your website to correspond to your target market is an easy way to make clients feel welcome, and it is all the more important when working with people who grew up before the rise of computers!

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