How to Target Prospects Near You

As you begin expanding your client list, the most difficult challenge you’ll face is to find prospects in your community. While the age of digital marketing makes it easier than ever to find prospects in your target market, geography is still an essential factor. After all, most clients won’t fly across the country to meet with their financial advisor! To help you find prospects near you, I’ve compiled a list of strategies that have a more localized impact, allowing you to find your ideal clients in your ideal place.

Strategy 1: Join Online Communities

Once you have your ideal client in mind, you should have a rough idea of where they “hang out” online. The younger generations prefer more anonymous sites like Reddit, Quora, and Twitter, while almost everyone has a Facebook and LinkedIn Account. Regardless of what social media site your ideal client prefers, they likely subscribe to community groups to keep up with local events and news. Joining these groups gives you the opportunity to share personal experiences and build a rapport with people in your city.

Strategy 2: Always Use Your Local Hashtags

If you’re already creating digital content, this is a simple way to ensure it’s seen by a local audience. Keep in mind that you may want to use several hashtags to cover all the surrounding neighborhoods and key landmarks. For example, a Bay Area post might include the following: #SanFrancisco #BayAreaLiving #SanJose #LaurelHeights #GoldenGatePark #USF #GoGiants

Strategy 3: Sponsor Community Events

Donating to local events allows you to support important causes for a bit of recognition. Most small theatres and sports teams welcome sponsorship in exchange for mentioning your business in brochures or social media posts. Is your niece performing in a local production of Cinderella? Ask if you can contribute and send over a small advertisement for publication in the playbook. Is your son a shortstop? Ask the Little League field if you can pay to hang an advertisement in the outfield. These little acts of goodwill make it clear that you’re giving to the community—and the community is more likely to give back.

Strategy 4: Get Super Specific with Online Ads

If you’re using online advertising, geographic specificity is going to make or break your budget. In addition to listing out your ideal client’s age range, job title, and essential keywords, ensure that you’re only showing advertisements to people within driving distance of your office. Social media sites even allow you to pick the exact zip codes you want to display to, so you’re not wasting your ad budget on people 200 miles away.

The internet has made it incredibly easy to market your business, but don’t waste your time and energy reaching out to everyone. These tips will help you focus your efforts on the prospects most likely to pop in for a consultation: your neighbors!

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