New Year’s Resolutions to Make the Most of Your Marketing

As the New Year rolls around, take the opportunity to evaluate your marketing from a bird’s eye view and plan out your strategy for the coming year. Here are some essential steps that you should take every January to bring in new clients and grow your business!

  1. Develop Your Annual Marketing Strategy

With the new year comes a fresh start, and it’s the ideal time to sit down and create a comprehensive plan for both your content and strategy. Outline your key content for the year based on annual events throughout the year. If your firm helps clients organize for tax season, you’ll want a run of relevant content leading up to April, along with emails and social media pieces highlighting how you can help new clients with their taxes. If you work with families or trusts, you may want to write pieces about building generational wealth around the holidays. By scheduling out these pieces ahead of time, you’ll always know what to be working on down the pipeline, saving you the stress of last-minute rushing.

  1. Plan Out Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges for financial advisors is sitting down consistently to write a blog. By planning your posting dates out in advance—and adding reminders to your calendar—you can ensure that you’re posting relevant content throughout the month. Ideally, you should be posting at least three to four times a month, but even a post or two is better than nothing when things get frantic. If you truly struggled with your blog posts last year, this also may be an ideal time to decide if you have money in the budget to hire a freelancer to take that work off your plate.

  1. Branch Out!

The New Year is the perfect time to try new things, so take a look at what’s missing from your marketing plan. Are you being active on both LinkedIn and Facebook? Should you look for opportunities to give presentations in your community? Are you using email marketing to its full potential? Whatever’s missing, this is the perfect time to test out new ideas.

  1. Block Out Time to Review Your Performance

You may have some appointments already blocked out for the year, but chances are, this is the emptiest your calendar will be in 2019. Do yourself a huge favor and block out a few hours every month to evaluate your marketing performance. Take this time to review your metrics, see what avenues are working best for your team, and decide what you should strive to improve the following month. It may be tempting to move this appointment as time goes on, but hold yourself accountable and be sure you are sitting down at least once a month to review your progress.

A New Year provides for an opportunity to evaluate your entire marketing strategy, and these tips will get you started on making 2019 your best year yet! By planning out your content, setting new goals, and taking the time to evaluate your progress, you’ll be on track to create a marketing plan that will help develop your business!

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