Use Personal Development to Grow Your Business

As business owners, it can be easy to focus on the work itself and lose sight of your own personal development, but self-improvement is just another part of expanding your company. By taking the time to focus on yourself, you can develop new ways to support your clients and market your business. After all, as Elise Buie says, “We can’t go any further for our clients than we do for ourselves.”

Consider Your Shortcomings

Even the most well-rounded person has room for improvement, so take an objective look at yourself and decide which are your biggest opportunities for personal growth. Is there a particular skillset that you have been wanting to enhance and haven’t got around to just yet? For example, is there a part of your life that is noticeably disorganized? An area of your work that refining a particular skill would make a difference? As you reflect on your day to day, you will be able to create a list of things to improve upon over the next year. You may be lacking a skillset such as communication skills (whether in a group setting or one-on-one conversation), leadership skills, or even personal discipline such as working out to improve physical fitness and energy level. All of these can contribute to enhancing your sense of personal empowerment overall and your ability to attract new clients.

Think Small

If you are struggling to get started with a large-scale project, it can be easier to pick up a small skill instead. Even something as minute as juggling gets your brain used to new tasks, and it can be learned in a single afternoon. Once you get those balls in the air (no pun intended) you’ll find the motivation to move onto larger tasks.

Look Online

No matter how obscure the skill, there’s a class for it online. From mediaeval sword making to personal organization, you’ll be able to find course materials and tutorials. If you browse YouTube, you can watch a few minutes of each video to find a teaching style that works for you, and then watch a new video every week to master the skillset. There are also sites like udemy.com and khanacademy.org that provide full online instruction, and these tend to cost around $60-100 per course. If you need structure and the ease of finding the next step in your education, these sites may be worth the investment!

Schedule It Out

Setting benchmarks is the best way to enact your plan. I invite you to create deadlines in your calendar throughout the year. Set reminders for when to start a new task, as well as when you intend to complete it. While you can adjust these dates as other appointments come up, create a rule that you can only delay each task by two weeks. This will ensure that you stay on track while still maintaining flexibility in your work schedule.

Though your work is essential, don’t neglect your own personal development! Your clients look up to those who have mastered many different skills, and you want to always strive to have one more skill at your disposal than you did the previous year. By showcasing your own personal development, you can enhance your attraction factor which will support you in growing to meet new needs of your existing clients!

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