How to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy to Support Your Business Transition

As you expand your book of business, it can be easy to lose track of the best marketing plan to both entice new clients and retain your original base. By taking the time to restructure your marketing, evaluate your mission statement, and even change your branding, you can optimize your marketing to appeal to both existing clients and new prospects.

Consider Your Best Fit
In an ideal world, you will take a step back and think about your ideal client before your transition event. Has anything changed about who you want to attract? Take a look at any clients you’re acquiring, the age and specializations of your team, and your future goals to evaluate whether you should change your marketing strategy to attract a different type of client. This is a great opportunity to create your marketing focus for the future of your company. Who are the ideal clients that you want to attract and how many? While it can be tempting to shift focus entirely, think of this process as a time to narrow your focus. You still want to cater to your top clients and ensure they feel supported and valued, but you may want to reframe your branding to a more focused group.

Craft a Comprehensive Message
At the very start of your succession planning experience, sit down with your entire team to craft a unified message that speaks to your current goals and values. Look at your newly defined ideal client, existing client base, and total expertise to come up with consistent branding for your website, email campaigns, social media posts, and any printed or direct mail media. The essential thing to consider when creating this messaging is why you are the best fit for your clients’ needs. What unique experiences do you bring to the table that helps to set you apart from the rest? Why are you passionate about your business? In which situations are you most effective at helping clients meet their needs? What is your goal for your clients? What is your favorite example of a way you’ve gone above and beyond for a client? Use these questions to guide you towards a personalized tagline, then use it to create consistency across all your marketing. By unifying the message in your marketing materials, you make it easy to build brand awareness and attract your ideal clients.

Be Consistent with Your Value Proposition
As you move forward with your transition, it is essential to keep all team members on the same page in how they present your value proposition. Go over brand standards for email, social media posts (including employee’s personal LinkedIn activity), and client conversations so everyone presents the same value proposition across all mediums. Use the same language and phrases consistently so each individual appears as part of a larger team at all times, making it clear that you’re united in the service of your clients.

Reach Out to Clients
Once you have completed these steps and created a clear marketing strategy, you’re ready to reach out to your existing clients. Be sure that the first message you send out includes your new tagline and a link to your mission statement, along with what clients can expect in the first few months of your business transition. Schedule one-on-one meetings to share your new brand message, your commitment to take great care of your clients by providing ongoing support and clearly demonstrate your devotion to existing clients even if your business model or brand is changing slightly. Above all, highlight the exciting new services, features, and benefits of your new business model.

Though it can be challenging to align your marketing during a business transition, it is essential to have a clear plan as you onboard new clients and potentially new employees while setting expectations for existing clients. By sitting down as a team, crafting a new mission statement, and considering your ideal client, you can ensure that new clients feel supported even as you transition your business.

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