Are You Organized for Growth and Expansion?

When you think about growing and expanding your business, what comes to mind? I’d bet that what comes to mind first is something along the lines of marketing, narrowing your niche to attract more of your ideal clients, strategic planning, or something similar. If so, I invite you to back up a few steps — and I’ll explain why.

1: Start with self care

If you have a goal to grow and expand your business, I recommend starting by taking stock of your self care. To be in a better place to grow and expand, it helps significantly to be in a good place physically, mentally, and emotionally. Feeling grounded and well rested provides the foundation for energy, motivation, and drive. From there, the idea of growth and expansion is more likely to sound exciting or empowering. On the other hand, without that foundation of wellbeing in place, it might sound exhausting and difficult. (Check out this previous post for more on how self care supports your professional wellbeing.)

2: Set goals that actually inspire you

Once you have your self care foundation in place, the next step is to strike a healthy balance between setting “realistic” goals and setting bold goals that truly inspire you. I prefer a mix of both, realistic goals I can celebrate once achieved, and inspired goals for that motivating magic that comes from imagining what it would feel like to achieve the outrageous. (Read this previous post for more on goal setting.)

If you’d like to deepen your knowledge about setting inspiring goals outside of the more common SMART goal paradigm, I highly recommend this book: “The Desire Map: Guide to Creating Goals With Soul” by Danielle LaPorte. It’s a must-read for any motivated go-getter! In it, LaPorte explains that goals we set should be experiential (what we want to experience), rather than around measurable results (what the goal would provide for you).

3: Use your strategic plan to put it all into action

Once you have your self care foundation and inspired goals set, it’s time to use your strategic plan to put it all into action! I recommend setting time aside so that you can map out what you want to create and think through how you’ll actually make it all happen.

If you want to ensure you are organized to grow, expand, and thrive – I would love to speak with you. Email me today: susan@susandanzig.com

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