Mind Set for Success

Welcome to my Blog! If this is your first time visiting me, I hope you find the information here uplifting and useful as a financial services professional. My goal with this blog is to offer material that is not only helpful for you to supercharge your practice, but will also assist you in having a new and different perspective within the financial services field.

As a certified business development Coach, part of what I do is assist people in viewing their practice in a whole new light. Sometimes this means breaking through old belief structures and adjusting strategies or sometimes it is just about adopting a new viewpoint on something that you may have looked at 100 times in the same old way. Either way, there are some essential questions I typically start out with that help when working with Mindset.

What does mindset have to do with success? That is a great question I often get when someone is starting out, but if you have been in the field for a while you probably already know that your mindset is essential to you reaching your goals! That being said, sometimes you know something consciously, yet struggle with the steps necessary to making it happen naturally.

Here are a few powerful questions I ask to help my clients begin thinking for success!

1. Are you thinking BIG enough?
2. Does your thinking consistently support and align with your goals?
3. Are you doing what it takes to feel happy, alive, energized and optimistic about your goals?
4. Are you implementing a consistent routine that supports you in feeling that way?

I invite you to take time answering each of these questions thoroughly. You may surprise yourself!

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