The Power of Clarifying Your Ideal Client

I see a lot out there in the media today about “attracting your ideal client”. Why is understanding who your clients are so important?

It is essential to know the key differences in personalities of the high-net-worth earners who will be your future clientele. You will then be better positioned to take your business to a higher level by attracting exactly the right kind of clients for your expertise. Once you have gone through my step-by-step process of clarifying who your ideal client is, you will have taken the first step toward completing my 7 Step Process to Reaching Your Ideal Client.

Step 1) Clarify Who Your Ideal Client Is
The various important aspects of this include but are not limited to:

  • Career/ Industry
  • Net worth
  • Where they live
  • Family size
  • Charities they are involved in
  • Other demographics

How would you describe your target market? Who are your clients? Are they women or men? Do they represent the businesses that you want to do business with, or are they individuals? What is their age range? What is similar about them that you could clearly see they were a specific group or target market?

By going through each of these areas thoroughly and using this kind of in-depth questioning about your ideal client, you will clarify your marketing message of what it is you are providing and how you provide it, then in turn this clarity and alignment with your message will be one of the reasons why clients select you.

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