How to End Your 2019 On a High Note

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your wins, successes, and areas for improvement.  Taking a comprehensive look at 2019 will prepare you for re-organizing your business strategy for 2020.

Evaluate Your Yearly Goals

The first step of your planning should be to look at the goals you set for January of 2019. Break these goals down into three categories: Accomplished, In Progress, and Needs Work. For each item, be honest with yourself about what made it a success, or what pushed it to the back burner. It’s important to be completely open about things that went wrong to perfect your process in the year to come.

When looking at the Accomplished and In Progress goals, take time to evaluate whether you should stay on the same course. If so, you may want to pick a numerical goal (like a 25% increase in ideal prospects or 20% increase in ideal clients) to help keep yourself on track. This can support your motivation and focus throughout the year.

Book out Your Calendar

The best way to keep yourself from stressing at the end of the year is to book out time to address your goals. This should be done at quarterly intervals at minimum, but it’s even better to book out monthly opportunities to assess what’s working and where you need to make changes to your strategy. Set specific goals for each session and add them to your appointment notes so you can quickly jump into the task and get the ball rolling.

While your schedule will fill up throughout the year, it’s essential to keep these appointments. If you have to move it to a different time slot in the same week, you can do so, but be careful about perpetually kicking the can down the road.

What Support Do You Need?

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate what’s working—and what isn’t—for your business. Take a look at the resources that you used throughout 2019, and if there are any gaps that could help you alleviate stress. Did you end up delaying your work due to lack of time or technical expertise? If so, it may be best to bring on a coach to help you fill in the gaps in your business. By gifting yourself support where you need it, you can focus your efforts on what you do best, helping to make 2020 your best year yet.

Consider Upgrading Your Technology

As you look back at your progress over the past year, think back on whether you have any major gaps in your technology. Is there any software that would be helpful in organizing and running your business? Some examples could be an email marketing service, scheduling software, or billing and accounting software. Start looking at these solutions now so you can implement in early 2020, getting ahead of the game for the year to come!

As you come to the end of a successful 2019, take a look back to see what could make 2020 even better! By taking a comprehensive and honest look at how your business is run, you can set yourself up for a more streamlined experience in 2020.

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