How to Create an Impactful Slogan

As your prospects browse through your industry to find the best fit, they’ll want a quick summary of exactly what to expect from your business. An impactful slogan is an easy way to convey your services, set expectations, and make a great first impression. Here are some tips to creating an impactful slogan:

Speak to Your Target Market

The first thing you should keep in mind is who you are looking to attract, as this will help you tailor your slogan from the start. Are you working with specific industries or life stages? What is the average age of your clients? For older clients, you should aim to sound established and trustworthy to build up that initial relationship, whereas the younger generations may respond to a more catchy and fun slogan. Regardless of which direction you go, sit down with your team and some trusted clients to get their input at the start of your process.

Focus on Solutions

It’s important to remember that both the problem and solution should be at the heart of your messaging. In order for clients to quickly understand what you bring to the table, you need to communicate the problems you solve right from the get-go.

Focus on Your Uniqueness

Especially in big cities or competitive industries, you’ll be competing against other firms for prospects’ attention. How can you communicate your uniqueness so prospects will remember you as they continue their search?  A common mistake of financial service professionals is not having a memorable and concise marketing message. Having a slogan that is personalized for your business’s services—while still unique and memorable—is a critical piece to your overall branded system.

Make it Quick

In order to quickly communicate with prospects, a slogan should be no more than seven words. As you create your initial draft, see if you can cut down on the fluff to get to the heart of your message. Avoid filler words and ensure each verb is direct and powerful. Words like “helping” and “building” are a great start, but they’re overused and watered down. Is there a more impactful way to get across your core messaging?

Create Multiple Drafts

Given that this is such a huge part of your marketing, don’t expect to complete the task in a day. Sit with your different ideas and play with them to find a slogan you love. You may find it helpful to create a word document with about 20 different ideas, then trim it down to your favorites. Combine, refine, and rewrite over the span of a week until you find something compelling and special!

When creating an impactful slogan, it is essential to clearly communicate your specialty and unique offerings to your ideal prospects. Having a clear slogan allows you to quickly convey your services and expertise so prospects know from the get-go whether you’re an ideal fit.  Creating a quick and catchy slogan will help you optimize marketing collateral, social media communications, and your website design to be consistent and memorable.

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