Do You Confidently Communicate the Value You Bring to the Table?

Think fast! What do you bring to the table that no one else does? And do you confidently communicate that value in critical interactions?

Confidently and effectively communicating your value to clients is crucial to ensure that they trust you and your recommendations. Without this, you are likely missing out on business through failed conversion conversations and not upselling current clients. It is also important to communicate confidently and effectively so that when you speak with professional referral sources they see your full and unique value for their clients as well.

It is entirely possible to be a rockstar on the technical side of things but have a hard time attracting new clients if these critical communication skills are lacking. Fortunately, these skills (as well as sales skills, or improving mindset) can be learned and mastered with the right guidance and support!

Now I invite you to look inward and consider how your interactions typically go. When you meet with clients or prospects, do you feel confident about the value you bring to the table? (If you don’t know that you are confident during these interactions, this is a sign that you probably aren’t.)

If you’re not sure, whether or not this is an area that needs improvement for your overall game, here is a list of signs and signals that you are not effectively and confidently communicating your value: 

  • You feel inadequate and/or nervous before prospect or client meetings
  • You do not feel comfortable asking for the business
  • You reinvent the wheel each time because you don’t have a clear process for how you describe your services (or maybe you’re not clear on it yourself!)
  • You do not feel comfortable asking for referrals
  • You have a low conversion rate for ideal client prospect conversations
  • You do not feel confident making recommendations to clients

One thing that separates the good from the great performers is that when they discover an area where they do not currently excel, they work to improve it. If the above points resonate with you, this is a great opportunity to improve on your skillset. I would love to talk with you about how we can work together to help you communicate more effectively and confidently to ultimately see the results you want in your financial services practice. Email me today: susan@susandanzig.com

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