Abundance Mindset

Whether in business or life overall, mindset is the foundation for much of what we attract and experience, and is an area I focus on with each and every one of my clients. I have previously discussed mindset and limiting beliefs, but another area that many people could benefit from is opening their mindset to abundance. I often find that the more open to abundance that we are, the more likely our mindset will come up with new and different ideas to support our goals, whatever they are.

To illustrate the difference an abundance mindset can make, I would like to share a client story with you. I worked with a client who is part of an organization where the average advisor generates revenue at the $300k level. She, on the other hand, is on track to generate 10x that. Impressive, right? The next thing I’m sure you want to know is what she’s doing differently from the rest of her team.

The short answer is that from the beginning she was extremely proactive about stimulating her mindset. She actively looked for what she might need to do differently, and followed through on necessary actions. She was proactive about stretching herself to think bigger and did not use the results of others as a benchmark of success. She sought out coaches and education to help her enhance her mindset, which then gave her the tools and confidence to look beyond her current game. She started at the same level as everyone, but because she actively looked for ways to enhance her mindset, she quickly outpaced her peers.

Often people reach a certain level of success generating a book of business that supports their needs and lifestyle. They have  sense that it’s “good enough” given the amount of time and energy they’re comfortable investing. This can be a limiting belief, which holds you back from achieving even greater levels of abundance. If that idea resonates with you, I invite you to check out this blog post to give you insights into how to eliminate limiting beliefs and instead attract abundance.

Others may have limiting beliefs that leave them afraid to strive for greater abundance because they have a misconception about how much more effort it would take to achieve that next level of abundance. I had a client who was already a partner in a successful investment advisory firm and though he was doing well for himself, was exhibiting signs of the “good enough” type limiting beliefs.

When we created his tier structure for his clients, he was able to clearly see the multiplier effect of how much more revenue he would generate if he brought on a certain number of additional clients. This clarity supported him with stepping into his abundance mindset because he saw exactly what he needed to do to generate those greater results without being held back by a belief that it would require much more time and effort. As a family man with 5 kids, that was a huge concern. I’m happy to say that by shifting his mindset to allow for greater abundance, he still has fantastic work/life balance with plenty of time to be active with his family, and a greater level of revenue in his practice.

No matter what your current situation or goals, an abundance mindset could give you the edge you need to achieve a greater level of success. If you would like support creating an abundance mindset for your practice and life in general, I would love to talk with you.

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