Case Study: Starting a Business From the Ground Up

Having knowledge about the financial services industry does not necessarily guarantee success running your own financial services practice. When we started our work together, my client “Christina” was seasoned in the financial services industry, though brand new to operating her own business. Through our work together, she gained vital business skills and made rapid progress, including generating income on a consistent basis. I’d like to share her story with you.

Where we started:

Christina had a vague idea of who she wanted to serve and the service model she wanted to deliver, but there were some gaping holes in her overall ability to attract clients, and she also lacked a plan to generate recurring income. Like many who decide to simply start their own practice, she dove into the process without first establishing crucial elements for a successful business. To her credit, she quickly became aware she was lacking some key elements and our work together focused on improving her existing skills and gaining the new ones she needed.

We started by doing an audit of her existing business model and the way she was providing services to her clients. It became clear that she did not have her brand in place, nor her service offering, nor the skills needed to execute a strong sales conversation. These became the initial areas we focused our energies on.

Her brand:

Through our work together she gained clarity around the qualities her ideal clients would share. We discovered that her ideal clients were typically women, 40 years old and over, who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, and who wanted to be informed and educated about their financial decisions. Choosing a niche has meant she is able to execute her branded system and marketing efforts with a laser focus.  

Her offer:

When Christina had first started her practice, the work she did for clients was on an hourly, somewhat “piecemeal” basis. This meant that she was not generating consistent income, and that generating new business took up a lot of her time and energy. As a result of creating her tier structure and clarifying what was possible for her to provide overall, she decided to expand her offer and focus her practice on working with clients who were interested in seeing the bigger picture and in having all of their financial needs addressed by one advisor. The transition from hourly services to packaged services was a huge positive for Christina as well as her clients.

Her sales skills:

Our work together uncovered a fair amount of sales resistance that had been negatively affecting her business. Christina had been very uncomfortable asking for business and promoting her services.  When we first began our work together, she had been offering just a fraction of what was possible. As result of just a few sessions together she began offering her clients all of what she was capable of providing – an expanded offering of the wisdom and expertise that she was bringing to the table. She also gained the confidence and the clarity to have more in-depth conversations with prospects about their needs, how she would help them address those needs and asking for their business.

Unexpected wins:

Though this hadn’t been an outright goal of our work together, Christina was also thrilled to notice she had been transformed into a confident business woman who was clear about her offer, and as a result she was able to attract clients with ease and generate new streams of prospects with less effort.

Addressing mindset is something I do with many of my clients, and building confidence often comes as a result. Going from a place of feeling unsure about who you are serving or what you’re providing to having a clear grasp and being able to share that with others confidently means you’ll be much more self-assured – and it shows in every client interaction. As a Certified Master Level NLP practitioner (get more details here), I can help my clients facilitate wonderful progress on a short timeline.  

If you are feeling inspired by Christina’s transformation and are interested in improving your own ability to generate more income and new business, I recommend registering for my upcoming 2-Day Intensive. This workshop will address many of the common areas I see people challenged with consistently. You will learn how to:

  • Attract ideal clients by targeting the appropriate
    market and clarifying your area of expertise.
  • Create a 12-month personalized marketing
    plan to support your goals.
  • Integrate a lead generation and sales process.
  • Confidently communicate your value and your fees.
  • Master your mindset to produce greater results.
  • Improve conversion from prospects to new clients to increase revenues.

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