Summer Strategies for Staying Centered During COVID

Like many financial advisors, you may have been feeling restless and unfocused due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders in many regions. Experiencing so many changes in our day-to-day life makes it difficult to run your business, so here are some tips to help you refocus your energy to make an impact.

Organize Your Life

With so many things “out of order” right now in the world, it’s essential for your mental health to control what you can. This means it’s the perfect time to physically reorder your space and find new organizational systems that work for you. Order new filing cabinets, sort through your old papers and recycle what you don’t need, and get your workspace in perfect order!

Take Up a New Hobby

It’s more important than ever to find something you enjoy, so explore options for new hobbies. I personally have taken up mountain biking again after a short hiatus, and I find that I’m super energized and refreshed after each ride! Being able to spend a few hours every week doing what you love creates a work-life balance, so I encourage you to find a socially distanced and safe hobby to pursue this summer.

Ask for an Outside Opinion

Being a financial advisor can be challenging right now, as you’ve suddenly reduced the amount of contact you have with the outside world. You’ve likely gone from interacting face-to-face with dozens of people every day to seeing only your close family. To help provide some outside perspective and grounding, it’s the perfect time to book a breakthrough session with a business development coach. To help support your business during this time, I’m providing free 30-minute breakthrough sessions to provide guidance on your strategic planning. The first ten people to email me at susan@susandanzig.com will receive a free 30-minute consultation.

Keep a Physical Planner

One of the challenges of the COVID-19 quarantine is that all of the days seem to blend together. An easy way to combat this in the working world is to keep a physical planner filled with your tasks and objectives for each week. Manually crossing off both what you’ve accomplished, and each day of the week helps to ground yourself during these unusual times, as well as keep you on top of your goals for each workday. You should also physically block off time in your calendar to pursue either your hobbies or relaxation, and this will also give you something to look forward to as you glance at your planner throughout the week.

Maximize Natural Sunlight and Grow Plants

There have been hundreds of studies that prove the positive impact of both natural sunlight and having houseplants, so maximize both throughout your day. Move your workspace as close to a window as possible and find some succulents or other low-maintenance plants to decorate your desk. Take the time to look up from your work and enjoy the natural beauty during your lunch hours and breaks!


Though this is a challenging time for everyone, taking these small steps can help improve your mood and keep you focused throughout the workday. For more personalized support during these unusual times, please reach out to me to book a call! The first ten people to email me at susan@susandanzig.com will receive a free 30-minute consultation.

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