Is Your Drive for Business Growth Hurting Your Personal Life?

Many top producers put their own needs last. Are you one of them?

That laser focus that allows you to deliver and grow your business can obviously make a difference for those crucial periods when your attention is needed in order to accomplish certain goals or milestones — but too much focus on business outside of business hours resulting in too little attention on one’s personal life can eventually be damaging.

I have a client who is a top producer with an extremely successful practice, and one of the people who saw an almost obsessive focus on his work go to far. Though he was extremely successful in business, he saw an immediate need for healthier balance between his personal and professional lives. In fact, he was concerned that if he didn’t make changes, there would be serious repercussions on his marriage. He was consistently missing dinner with his wife and not taking care of himself physically. While his obsessive drive was generating high revenue, it was  damaging his relationship, personal life, and health.

One of the first things he acknowledged when we began our work together was that he often scheduled client meetings from 7am to 10pm, as well as on weekends. This was a clear opportunity to put boundaries in place around his schedule to support the improved work/life balance he sought. He also shared that he consistently skipped meals during his work day when things were busy (which was the majority of the time), no longer made time for exercise, and had gained weight as a result.

Since that time, he has been honoring his boundaries and self care practices. He is now much more aware about what it takes to nurture himself in his business and personal life to get his needs met.

I am happy to share that through our work together, he has been focusing on the care and feeding of his body through nutrition and exercise, as well as the care and nurturing of his partner through more dedicated quality time together. For example, he has begun implementing more regular physical activity inside and outside of work – and even building activity into his day, like having walking meetings with his assistant. He no longer skips meals during his workday, and instead he brings healthy meals to work (which his assistant helps him remember to eat!).

Another success to date is that he has been using boundaries between his professional and personal lives to take time out to have fun. This time is spent nurturing both himself and his spouse, and also helps rejuvenate his inspiration for work. He is now making it home earlier on a more regular basis to share dinner with his wife, as well as creating the time and space to take vacations together! (As you can imagine, his wife is very happy about these new developments!)

Would you like to achieve better balance between your professional and personal lives but aren’t sure how to start? I can help. Reach out to me today: susan@susandanzig.com

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