How to Delegate Like a Pro!

As your business grows, it is essential to begin handing off your tasks to employees who are competent and eager. Having a properly trained team will allow you to focus your efforts on the high-level tasks that really matter, and it will also help combat burnout and ensure you get the work/life balance everyone desperately needs. Since delegating is such a key part of any management role, here are some tips to manage the process like a pro!

Hire with Future Development in Mind

This is one of the most challenging steps for a business to take, as it requires taking the time to hypothesize what future obstacles may arise. Before you hire additional staff members, sit down and brainstorm the future of your company and what new challenges you may face. How will you grow your business? What industry changes may be on the horizon? What is the best way to find new clients? Keeping these thoughts in mind will help you hire employees with skillsets that will be aligned with your needs.

Craft Client Introductions from the Start

Even if you’re not immediately requiring client interactions, you can start curating relationships between your new employees and existing clients. Facilitate brief in-person introductions when the timing is right and create organic conversations, so your clients are familiar with the names and faces of your office staff. This will make it easier to shift responsibilities when the time comes and ensure everyone gets along well ahead of large transitions!

Set Up Accountability Structures

When the you are ready to start delegating your responsibilities, you want to make it is easy to find a bird’s eye view of your team’s progress. An easy way to do this is to create shared documents (for example, a spreadsheet on Google Drive) that all team members can use to log their notes and client interactions. This will allow you to monitor new developments while still giving your team opportunities to test their new skills and interpersonal relationships.

Be Willing to Invest in Additional Training

Even if you hire the best and the brightest, they may need introductions or refreshers to certain skillsets. If you notice that they could use additional training, politely offer additional training on that skill. One way to approach this is to forward them a link to an online class or seminar and simply say “This looks interesting! Would you like to attend? The company can cover your tuition.” This is a non-judgmental way to help improve confidence and give your employees the tools they need to flourish in your absence.

Delegating is an essential part of business growth, so be sure to take the time to properly train your employees to take on more responsibility. By hiring for potential, cultivating client relationships early, and providing support and training, you can ensure your team is ready to handle even more responsibility as your company develops.

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