How to Create Noteworthy Facebook Content Right from The Start

Now that our last blog post has helped you create your business Facebook page, you now ready to face the challenge of posting relevant content throughout the year. For many financial advisors, this can be a daunting task, these tips will help you maximize your social media marketing while minimizing your effort.

Schedule It Out

Like most financial services professionals, you likely center your life around the appointments in your calendar. To make social media marketing a priority, go through and schedule a few ten-minute appointments throughout your week to post new content, reply to comments, and see what strategies are working best for your page. This will help keep you accountable even as your schedule starts to fill up!

Share Your Own Content

One of the challenges that new social media marketers face is knowing what to post. Your priority should always be to advertise your own content. If you create a new page or add relevant information to your site, share it on Facebook with a short message (ideally under 150 characters). You should also be sharing all of your blog posts across social media sites, and it’s not a bad idea to reshare essential content a few months down the line to be sure everyone sees it.

Broaden Your Horizon

But what should you post when your company has no new content? This is one of the most challenging aspects of social media, and it requires taking time to think about your area of specialization and all that you deliver for your ideal client. Ideally you have created a branded system that includes sharing all that you bring to the table and address for your ideal clients.  From there, focus on those topic areas and take into account what your ideal prospects would want to see on their Facebook feed. Keep in mind that, while I recommend focusing on the areas that are your strong suits, you can also post other articles of interest that don’t have to be related to your field at all. Many companies will share local events or news that affects their target market to create a blend of their own content and other relevant articles. By widening the scope of your posts, you can find relevant and timely content to share every week.

Post That Holiday Cheer

An easy way to come up with content is to schedule it around the holidays in your calendar. Sending out season’s greetings to your clients and fans is an excellent way to broker goodwill and boost your number of posts every month. Don’t forget about the minor holidays as well! Valentine’s Day, Easter, Veteran’s Day, and even cultural events like the Super Bowl are worth posting about.

Images Are Essential

When people are scrolling through their feed, they are more likely to notice posts with a compelling image. Including a relevant stock photo or icon along with your posts will likely increase the attention it gets, so don’t forget to attach a pretty picture!

Be Patient

When working with social media, it takes time to organically grow your followers. By posting relevant and shareable content, you will slowly start to see new users liking your page. Overall, remember that this is a free avenue to share the values of your company, so it’s worth investing the time and effort to nurture this slow but steady growth.

As you begin your adventure into social media, these tips will help you maximize your impact and attract new fans to your page. Being consistent and dedicated in your posting is a critical step in creating a viable social media presence for your business!

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