How to Celebrate Your Wins Without Bragging

In a results-driven industry like financial advising, it is essential to walk the fine line between touting your victories and bragging. Coming across as too cocky or
self-assured can make clients uneasy, so this is a worthwhile skill to cultivate as you build your business. But how do you get started? Below are some tips to help you mention your successes while still remaining humble.

  1. Facts Over Flourish

While exploring your achievements, stay focused on the facts. Instead of delivering sweeping generalizations about your skills like “I excel at client relations,” stick to demonstrable facts like “I have retained 98% of my client base year over year.” This retains the underlying compliment while still sounding genuine…and you’ll have the figures to back up your claims!

  1. Focus On Your Efforts

One of the simplest ways to sound more relatable is to mention the hard work that goes into your success. Avoid making your accomplishments sound too easy by mentioning any extra effort or overtime that went into your success. However, you should only mention this briefly, as you don’t want to sound too overwhelmed!

  1. Be Grateful

Though it may feel like all of your accomplishments are due to your own hard work, it’s essential to mention the people who helped you along the way. If you have an exceptional team member who has been instrumental to growing your business, thank them! It allows you to come across as humble even as you mention your career successes. As an added bonus, it boosts the morale in your office and makes it clear that you are a cohesive team working towards the same goal.

  1. Don’t Qualify It

It may seem tactful to qualify your statement with some variation of the phrase “I hate to brag…” but studies show that trying to lessen your statement with false humility is actually the worst thing you can do. Being direct and sticking to the facts is a better way to get your point across, and everyone is allowed to brag about their achievements once in a while! As long as you remain humble and to-the-point, you’re better off touting your achievements without the qualifier.

Though it can be challenging to truly honor your wins without sounding braggadocious, these tips will help you deliver the facts and figures to your clients without going overboard. Mentioning your hard work and delivering credit to other team members will make you sound relatable and honest while touting your achievements!

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