Are you highly visible in your marketplace?

Do you know whether or not you are highly visible in the marketplace?

Many of my clients can get focused on servicing their existing clients and as a result forget or don’t have time to connect with their ideal client networks. This may not seem to be a pressing issue when you have plenty of clients keeping you busy, however your business will likely suffer in the future if you do not work on generating new ideal client leads consistently.

So what does it mean to be highly visible in the marketplace? How can you tell if you’re visible? An easy litmus test is whether or not you’re being approached with new ideal prospects consistently, being asked to speak at association events for your niche, and if professional referral sources are wanting to meet you as a potential resource for their client base. These are good indicators of your marketplace visibility, however that doesn’t happen by accident, and those opportunities are likely results of much previous work consistently showing up in the right places and building your brand.

When you’re highly visible, opportunities come to you.

Being visible in the marketplace is crucial so you continue to attract additional opportunities to highlight yourself as an expert, such as being asked to write an article, speak in front of a group, deliver a presentation, or co-create an event. These are important opportunities to showcase your expertise, and easily feed into other future invitations to help you build your network of potential leads and ideal clients. 96% of prospects who visit an advisor’s site aren’t ready to buy yet.

I invite you to ask yourself: are you focused on your business and servicing existing clients and not getting out to create the visibility that you truly want in your marketplace network?

If you can relate to this, I invite you to think about what you want to be doing to expand awareness of who you are and the services you provide.

If you’d like to generate more quality leads and new clients to your financial services business, and are feeling you’re lacking visibility in marketplace, looking at what you’re currently doing to generate visibility is a great place to start. Where do you see the best results from your efforts? Start there!

For more ways to increase your visibility in the marketplace, reach out to me today at susan@susandanzig.com.

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