Crafting an Impactful Mission Statement

As your company sets out to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, it’s essential to consider how prospects will view your operation from the get-go. The first impression that they get from your website and social media will color your interactions moving forward, so take the time to tailor a coherent message to weave throughout your site. One of the key focus points of this process is to create an impactful mission statement that summarizes the goals, aspirations, and viewpoints of your business. Here are some key tips to help you get started!

Define Your “Why”

Before you start writing your mission statement, take the time to consider the ultimate goals of your business. The concepts of “making money” and “delivering excellent customer service” are great starting points, but a well-crafted mission statement should go even deeper than these. Ultimately, the mission statement must come from your personal experience, but here are some questions to ask yourself as you brainstorm. Have you always wanted to get into this line of business? Is there a childhood experience or a life event that inspired you? How are you making the world a better place? Weaving these motivations throughout your narrative will help prospects understand your personality, your brand, your commitment to them and what specifically drives you to serve your clients.

Stay Humble (and Human!)

One of the most challenging lines to walk in the business world is the thin one between touting your achievements and bragging. While it’s generally a great idea to highlight your results, it can easily come across with the wrong tone. An easy way to avoid this is to thank the people who made it possible—your employees, dedicated clients and your family. Another way to soften the tone of your piece is to integrate parts of your personality into the writing. If you have a great sense of humor, include tasteful jokes so you come off as approachable. Conveying the right tone can be challenging, but it’s an effective “evergreen” piece of marketing when you get it right, so it’s worth the effort!

Be Specific and Succinct

If you look at the mission statements of other companies, you may notice that they include a lot of industry jargon and buzzwords that take up a lot of space without really saying anything. To stand apart from the crowd, cut the fluff and drill right to the heart of your mission.

Ask for A Second Opinion

As with any piece of marketing, ask for a second opinion from your coworkers, strategic partners and friends. Too often, we get caught up in our own emotions surrounding our creative work, and it’s easy to lose sight of what strangers will think. Getting outside opinions will ensure you’re hitting the right notes, and that everything comes across as genuine and welcoming.

An impactful mission statement is hard to write, but the payoff is one of the greatest in your marketing plan. Take the time to craft a short yet meaningful statement, and you can use it throughout your marketing pieces for years to come. As always, reach out to me if you’d like assistance developing your brand!

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