Branding Your Business Series: The Value of Creating an Impactful Slogan

Once you have gone through the steps of defining who your ideal client is, along with clarifying your own areas of expertise, a next critical step is coming up with a powerful slogan for your business. Here are three important aspects essential for creating a slogan that will raise visibility, increase credibility and consistently attract your ideal clients:

  1. Make sure your brand’s slogan has a focused marketing message that speaks directly to the needs of your target market.
  2. That the problem and solution are also at the heart of your focused message. It is critical that you communicate this effectively in order for your client to understand your value.
  3. Next, I invite you to take your target market and your area of expertise and create a slogan. The formula for a slogan is what you do + for whom.  A slogan is ideally no more than seven words (For example: Financial Planning for Independent Women or Retirement Planning for Executives).

How can you define and sell your business in a way that is unique and stands out in a potential client’s mind?  Make sure your slogan expresses exactly what you do and for whom.  A common mistake of financial service professionals is not having a memorable and concise marketing message. Having a slogan that is personalized for your business’s services is a critical piece to your overall branded system.

When you create a slogan for your business, it is essential that you have a tagline that clearly communicates your message to your ideal prospects. Having a clear slogan is valuable when educating your clients, prospects and center of influence about whom you serve and the services you specialize in providing. Whether meeting new clients in person, or with the aid of your marketing collateral, through your social media communications or other determined marketing channels, your businesses message needs to be consistent as well as solve the problems of your ideal client.


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