4 Strategies for Marketing During Volatile Markets

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to re-evaluate how they do business, and financial advisors should take the time to consider how to attract new clients moving forward.

Referrals and brand recognition are more important than ever, and they provide the opportunity to bring in new clients despite the changing economic landscape.

Here are 4 strategies financial advisors can use for marketing during COVID-19:


  1. Continue regular communication with clients
  2. Create an email newsletter
  3. Don’t stop your marketing
  4. Bring in an expert

These strategies will help you to continue to grow your AUM during “the new normal.”

1. Continue Regular Communications with Clients

While face-to-face meetings may be impossible, it’s essential to keep up the face time with your current clients. Offer Zoom calls with clients who you used to meet in the office, even if it’s just to ask how they’re holding up and assuage their anxieties.

To make the best impression, find either a solid background or a bookshelf to use as a backdrop for Zoom meetings, and minimize the noise in your house, however possible.

2. Create an Email Newsletter

In addition to meeting with your clients remotely, an email newsletter is another great way to stay top-of-mind. Write a few sections of financial tips and market news with links to your website, and perhaps add in a “just for fun” section recommending new recipes or quarantine activities. Of course, remember to keep compliance in mind and always get approval before you send anything out.

Thank your clients for their loyalty at the end of the email and mention that you appreciate referrals. For best results, include a link to your calendar so clients can easily set up appointments for their friends and family to video chat with you for the first time.

3. Don’t Stop Your Marketing

It can be tempting to put your marketing on hold in the current climate, but the advisors I coach are experiencing tremendous success by keeping their campaigns running. One has taken on 56 new ideal clients! She attributes her success to staying in contact, sending thank you cards, and her quarterly email newsletters.

As your clients are stuck at home, they have more time to read your marketing materials and think about their friends’ and family’s needs, so this is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing campaigns.

4. Bring in an Expert

Given the changing climate, you may want to evaluate the competition and what you can do to succeed. To support financial advisors in this changing market, I’ve created a new Financial Advisor Success Quiz, which asks you questions and gauges where you are in your branding and marketing development.

You can answer a few questions about your business and see exactly where you need to focus your efforts!

To take the quiz, visit www.financialadvisorsuccessquiz.com and then reach out to me if you have any questions about the results!

While it is a stressful time in the business world, financial advisors are in a unique position to market through their current clients.

Taking the time to send out emailed newsletters, start a referral campaign, and build out your marketing plan can help ensure your success over the coming year!

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