diagram with clipping pathSo, you’re a financial services professional and FMG Suite enthusiast and you want to take your practice to the next level…

I created this hard-hitting program just for you:

5 Must-Do Strategies for (Re)Creating Your Dream Practice.

After 20 years in the business, I’ve seen it all. But mostly what I’ve seen are financial services professionals who are good at what they do, but are struggling to figure out how to present themselves to their markets in the most valuable ways possible. In fact, they are even confused as to who those markets are! And they are losing money and clients because of it.

So, I’ve taken those years of experience; the proven techniques; the best practices; the insider secrets; and the surefire strategies that circumvent all the confusion and take you straight to the lucrative results — and I’ve packaged them into five 1-hour private consulting sessions personalized just for you.

Together, we will lay the groundwork for your best year ever:

Session 1: Defining and attracting your ideal client

This first critical step is the key to getting prospects to listen, maximizing your marketing efforts, boosting income, and turning your practice from ho-hum to heroic. Yes, this step can do all that and more and by the end of our first hour, you will be on your way to mastering it.

Session 2: Determining your area of expertise

Are you vanilla or salted caramel? When you choose your passion rather than letting your customers guess or decide for you, magic happens. Pride, expertise, reputation… they all go through the roof. By the end of this hour, you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Session 3: Creating your slogan and positioning

You and your practice in one exciting, powerful, clarifying line. It’s the short and sweet summary that can make or break your image, your marketing materials, and your communications campaign. And we’ll hammer one out you’ll love.

Session 4: Creating your branded system

Are you describing your services differently every time someone asks you about your business? Are you reinventing the wheel with every new client? When you solidify your process and create a branded system, you not only streamline everything, but make it all much easier on your prospects and clients. We’ll go step-by-step to accomplish this.

Session 5: Communicating your value

Time to pull it all together… your new or revitalized brand; your newly focused marketing channels; your fine-tuned sales plan; your improved client processes and interaction. By communicating your value in everything you do, you build confidence in your services, grow your reputation, and justify what you are worth. Together, we’ll address every point of contact so you have the direction and feedback you need to achieve rock star status.

And between sessions…

Got a question or need more direction between sessions? You’ll have direct e-mail access and as much guidance as you need to accomplish everything this unique program promises.


I want you to have your best year ever in the coming year. You are worthy of having that! Let’s do some great work together and make it happen. Program cost is just $2500 and you’ll discover that it pays for itself in so many ways.

Email Me or call me at (954) 954-1773 and let’s talk about what works best for you.

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